Curly hair


Neutralizing and permanent, formulation with rice proteins to create permanent curls and waves while protecting the hair.


  • 3 forces to create waves and curls on all hair types
  • Frizz-free
  • Keeps the fibers supple and shiny


1000 ML

Neutralizer for hair, with rice proteins, is the complementary product for the post-perm, thanks to its oxidizing characteristics it is able to recompose the bonds of the hair and neutralize, eliminating the alkaline residues of the perm.



500 ML

Hair permanent, with rice proteins, allows you to easily create hairstyles with waves and curls that are always soft and shiny.


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Permy wave technical application

  • Shampoo (no treatment)
  • Position the hair according to the chosen result and according to the decision made on the diagnosis.
  • Make a clean and fine parting
  • Wrap the curler with tip paper on the hair to be wrung out (curler chosen according to the required result)
  • Product application (PERM UP)
  • Leave to act (see temp / product)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Application (NEUTRAL UP)
  • Leave to act (see temp / product)
  • Unroll the curler then rub lightly with the scalp before the final rinse
  • Proceed to styling

Who has never wanted to have curly hair?

Products dedicated to curls that amplify, control and separate the strands, for results of maximum definition, elasticity and softness.

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