Independence meets innovation, your passion turns into profit. Advise, lead, earn.

What Does an HTC Do?


An HTC is an expert in the field of hairdressing, a consultant, a trainer, and an influencer all in one. Your mission? To help hairdressers discover and use professional products through, guiding them towards more informed and advantageous choices.

Working Protocol


Product Knowledge and Training

Start with comprehensive training on the products available on Know every detail, from benefits to proper application.

Planning and Territory Management

Organize your itinerary. Who are your target clients? Create a plan to reach them effectively.

Personalized Approach Strategies

Each hairdresser has unique needs. Learn to personalize your approach and offer tailor-made solutions.

Demonstrations and Workshops

Organize product demonstrations and training workshops to practically show the benefits of products available on

Promoting Client Autonomy

Teach your clients to use independently. By providing them with your personal discount code, you will earn commissions on every order they place, even if you are not physically present.

Flexible and Remote Earnings

As an HTC, you have the freedom to work remotely. By providing your discount code to clients, you can continue to earn commissions on their independent orders, offering you flexibility and a steady earning opportunity.

Continuous Support and Feedback

Provide ongoing support to your clients. Collect and communicate feedback to constantly improve the service.

Achieving Goals and Analyzing Results

Set clear goals and analyze your results to continuously optimize your strategies.

Artificial Intelligence


cliCHair operates entirely on AI technology, ensuring fully automated processes for optimal efficiency. With service automation at its core, cliCHair handles everything seamlessly, from order processing to customer communication. As an HTC partner, you benefit from the support of our advanced AI system, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity. Our commitment to innovation means that you can rely on cutting-edge technology to drive success in your role.


You must be a legally recognized individual sales professional or a sales agency, have a strong passion and knowledge in the beauty and hair care sector, excellent communication and networking skills, commitment, and motivation to grow with the cliCHair brand, and the ability to operate independently and proactively.




Start Registration: To begin the registration process, click on the registration or login icon on the cliCHair website. This will direct you to the dedicated page where you can start creating your account.

Enter Your Email: You will be asked to enter an email address, which will be used for all future communications. Please note that this email can be changed or updated later, according to your needs.

Receive the Temporary Code: After entering your email, we will send you a temporary code to the provided address. Check your email inbox, including the SPAM folder. We recommend adding us to your trusted senders to ensure you receive all future communications without any issues.

Access Your Account: Return to the cliCHair login page and enter the temporary code received via email. Once done, you will be officially logged into the site.

Complete Your Profile: The next step is to update your profile. Go to the profile section and fill in all the required fields such as name, phone number, address, and any other relevant information. Providing accurate details is important to ensure the best possible experience as a cliCHair partner.


After successfully registering and providing all the necessary details on the cliCHair platform, you can request the activation of a business account for HTC:

Email Submission: Use the same email address you used for registration to send your activation request. This allows us to easily locate your account and process your request efficiently.

Processing Your Request: Upon receiving your email, we will review your application. If necessary, we may request additional information or perform further checks and will contact you accordingly. Otherwise, we will proceed to the next step.

Activation of Your Business Code: Once your application is approved, we will activate your personal Business Code.

Business Code: Becoming a Hair Technical Consultant entails creating a personal Business Code. The Business Code serves multiple purposes:

  • Allows our system to identify and manage you under conditions reserved for HTC.
  • Enables B2B customers to place orders at prices and conditions reserved for them.
  • Allows the system to recognize and associate sales generated by the Business Code with the respective HTC, thus ensuring the accrual of sales commission for the HTC.
  • Enables the HTC to purchase products or materials at reserved prices for personal or professional use, including demonstration purposes. Additionally, each personal order generates turnover, which in turn generates a commission on the HTC own purchases.

Receiving Your Business Code: You will receive an email at the registered address containing your Business Code, which you can immediately utilize.


Automatic Activation of Processes: The processes are automatically activated when the HTC's Business Code is used, even if the customer places an order entirely on their own. This mechanism is designed to be beneficial for both the customer and the HTC.

B2B Customer Recognition: Using the Business Code, clichAIr immediately recognizes the customer as part of the B2B segment, automatically applying reserved prices and conditions.

Tag Assignment and Sale Linking: At the time of the order, a specific tag is assigned, and the sale is linked to the HTC owning the used Business Code.

Document and Notification Preparation: The system proceeds with the preparation of relevant documents and notifications, which are automatically sent to both logistics and the customer.

Notification to the HTC: After the logistics processing, the HTC receives an email summary of the order and the customer's name, thus allowing effective order monitoring and the ability to assist the customer in their development.

Encouragement of Autonomous Use of the Business Code: clichAIr strongly advises HTCs to instruct their clients on the autonomous use of the Business Code. This allows clients to place urgent or necessary orders even when the HTC is not available for direct assistance, thereby maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tracking and Monitoring: Complete process transparency enables the HTC to effectively track and monitor orders that generate commissions.

Rapid Order Shipping: Orders are generally shipped within 24/48 hours of receipt, ensuring a fast and efficient service.


The Business Code represents a valuable tool that not only opens the door for your B2B clients to exclusive advantages such as personalized discounts and tailor-made services on cliCHair, but it is also fundamental for you as a HTC, since it generates commissions on every sale linked to your code.

It is crucial that you, as a HTC, inform your clients about the importance and benefits derived from using this code.

Step by Step Instructions for the HTC

1. Understanding and Receiving the Business Code

You will be provided with a unique code, intended for sharing with your B2B clients. It is crucial that you appreciate the added value of this code, in order to transmit it effectively to your clients.

2. Inserting the Business Code at Checkout

The code must be entered in the dedicated field at the time of checkout, before proceeding with the payment. This step ensures the application of discounts on selected products.

3. Assisting Clients During Checkout

It is important to ensure that your clients are aware of the need to insert the Business Code in the appropriate space on the cliCHair site before finalizing the purchase. This not only guarantees the application of their discounts and benefits but also ensures that the sale is attributed to your account, contributing to the maturation of your commission.

Promoting the Benefits of the Business Code

  • Exclusive Discounts: Emphasize the opportunity, for clients using the Business Code, to access exclusive special offers.
  • Personalized Service: Leverage the information obtained through the use of the code to provide even more personalized consultations and assistance.
  • Simplicity and Convenience: Encourage your clients to use the code, highlighting how it makes the purchasing process simpler and more advantageous.

Your Role as a HTC

Your support and guidance are vital for B2B clients. By teaching them how to use the Business Code and what benefits to expect, you will not only improve their purchasing experience but also strengthen their loyalty towards cliCHair and you as their consultant.


By actively promoting the Business Code among your B2B clients, you will contribute not only to their satisfaction and success but also to yours, through commissions from sales and the strengthening of client relationships. Moreover, by accustoming clients to the autonomous use of cliCHair and the Business Code, they will be able to place orders and generate earnings for you even in your absence. We thank you for your commitment to promoting cliCHair's mission and for your essential role in our shared success.

Why Become an HTC?


Becoming an HTC means being at the forefront of the beauty sector. Not only will you have the opportunity to grow professionally, but you will also help hairdressing professionals improve their business. With cliCHair, you have a unique opportunity to earn commissions flexibly, promoting autonomy and trust in your clients.

Become a HTC