Frequently asked questions

I am a hairdresser, how can I get the discount for hairdressers.

Simple, just register as a professional by clicking HERE, and after a quick check your customer account will be enabled for prices for hairdressers.

I already have a customer account, but I'm a hairdresser. How can I convert my private account into a professional account?

Just click HERE and resubmit your registration data and in the notes field let us know that you already have an active account.

What happens if I am not present on the day of delivery of my order?

For each order received, upon delivery by us to the courier, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS with the expected delivery date.

If you wish, you can manage the delivery day with one in which you will be present at the time of delivery.

In the event that you are not present, the courier will attempt a new delivery on the next working day, otherwise he will deliver the order to their storage partner closest to you, where you will have to go with a valid identification document and the notice of passage which you will have found at your address.

For any other eventuality you can contact our customer support who will handle your request.

If I place an order and shortly after would like to add another product, do I have to place another order?

Yes, our order management system is totally automated and it is not possible to change an order received, as it is automatically redirected to the competent offices for processing.

Why am I not receiving any of your offers?

Probably because you haven't subscribed to our newsletter. You can check in your reserved area or contact our customer support.

Do you have periods of closure during the year such as summer holidays or something else?

No, our service is guaranteed all year round without interruptions.

I am a beauty centre, can I have a professional account even if I am not a hairdresser?

Yes sure it is possible.

I have a professional account, but sometimes I don't see the prices correctly.

In order for the system to recognize you correctly and apply prices and conditions exactly, you must log in as soon as you arrive on the site.