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Our AI platform efficiently manages both sales and administration, ensuring efficiency and precision in every aspect of our business. This holistic approach guarantees superior customer service and impeccable internal management.




Become a cliCHair Partner: Why Hairdressers Should Join Us

At cliCHair, we are committed to supporting beauty industry professionals with tools that revolutionize access to products and offers. Our Business Codes represent a significant departure from traditional login-linked discount systems, offering greater flexibility, customization, and continuous updates.

Why become a cliCHair Partner?

  • Flexibility and Customization: Combine different Business Codes for tailor-made offers and adjust discounts to your specific needs.
  • Continuous Updates: Enjoy access to the best offers with regularly updated codes, without the need to replace your personal Business Code.

Start a Collaboration with cliCHair in a Few Simple Steps:


  • Visit our website and create an account by entering your email. You will receive a code at the specified email address, which will allow you to activate your account.
  • Once inside your client account, complete all the fields in your profile, including address, name, business name, preferred language, and more.

Requesting Your Business Code:

  • After completing your profile, send us an email to request your personalized Business Code.
  • We will create a unique Business Code for you, associate it with your account, and send you the details via email, including the advantages and standard functionalities associated with your new code.

The Business Code you receive is personal and will not change, ensuring you constant access to personalized offers without complications.

By joining cliCHair as a Partner, you will have the opportunity to elevate your business, benefiting from a collaboration that focuses on innovation and quality. We are here to provide you with the necessary support to stand out in the market and meet your clients' needs with maximum efficiency.

Are you ready to revolutionize the management of your salon? Join us today and discover the many benefits reserved for our Partners. Your career in the beauty world is about to take a leap in quality with cliCHair.

Beauty Salons

Become a cliCHair Partner: An Opportunity for Beauty Salons

In beauty salons, where attention to detail and customer care merge with efficient management of time and resources, cliCHair emerges as the ideal partner. With our innovative Business Codes, we offer a tailor-made solution that perfectly adapts to the unique needs of beauty salons, ensuring that quality and innovation are always within reach.

Why Should Beauty Salons Choose cliCHair?

  • Tailored Solutions: Our Business Codes provide the opportunity to customize offers based on the specific needs of your salon, allowing you to best meet the needs of both your customers and your team.
  • Flexibility and Availability: With cliCHair, you can choose the most convenient time to place your orders, thanks to our service being active and available 24/7, all year round without interruptions. This means less time spent on order management and more time to focus on your customers and the growth of your business.
  • Continuous Updates: Always access the best offers with our regularly updated codes, keeping your salon up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the beauty industry.

How to Become a cliCHair Partner?


  • Visit our website and register an account by entering your salon's email. You will receive a code via email to activate your account.
  • Complete your salon's profile in your customer account, including details such as address, salon name, preferred language, and more.

Business Code Activation:

  • Send an email request to activate your personalized Business Code.
  • We will associate a unique Business Code with your account and provide you with all the necessary information via email, including the benefits and features that will help you effectively manage your salon.

Becoming a cliCHair Partner means joining a community dedicated to excellence and innovation, where every aspect of managing your beauty salon is simplified and enhanced. We offer the tools to stand out in the market, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the highest satisfaction of your customers.

Are you ready to transform the way you manage your beauty salon? Join us and discover how cliCHair can help you achieve new levels of success.


Become a cliCHair Partner: Maximize the Efficiency of Your Franchise Salon Chain

In the realm of franchise salon chains, where uniformity and efficiency are key, cliCHair presents itself as the ideal partner. With our customizable and cutting-edge Business Codes, we aim to meet the specific needs of franchise chains, ensuring that access to innovation and excellence is always immediate and effortless.

Why Should Your Franchise Salon Chain Choose cliCHair?

  • Order Centralization: cliCHair allows you to centralize orders and send them directly to the locations that need the products, facilitating stock management and distribution.
  • Autonomous Management with Artificial Intelligence: Our advanced AI platform provides an efficient way for the franchisor to manage the entire replenishment process directly from their workstation, eliminating the need for periodic meetings with representatives and saving precious time. Moreover, it's always possible to request information and support, ensuring smooth and informed management.
  • Continuous Service: Our ordering service is available 24/7, all year round, ensuring you can manage and replenish your chain at any time, without interruptions.
  • Access to Application Protocols: Our website provides detailed publication of all product application protocols, allowing your teams to stay constantly updated on the best techniques and practices.

How to Start a Collaboration with cliCHair?


  • Visit our website and register an account using your franchise's email. Use the code received by email to activate your account.
  • Complete your chain's profile with all the required details, such as address, chain name, preferred language, and more.

Business Code Activation:

  • Send an email request to obtain your personalized Business Code.
  • We will create a unique Business Code for your chain and provide you with all the necessary information via email, including the benefits and features to optimize the management of your salon chain.

Joining cliCHair as a Partner means entering an ecosystem dedicated to excellence and innovation, where every aspect of your franchise chain management is streamlined and efficient. We provide you with the tools to stand out in the market, improve operations, and ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to transform the management of your franchise chain? Join us and discover how cliCHair can elevate your success to new heights.


Become a cliCHair Partner: Elevate Distribution in Your Sector

In the competitive distribution sector, standing out means offering added value and impeccable services. cliCHair establishes itself as the ideal partner for distribution companies aiming to excel beyond expectations. Through our fully automated processes and management entirely entrusted to Artificial Intelligence, along with our customizable and cutting-edge Business Codes, we dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of distribution companies, ensuring uninterrupted access to innovative and high-quality products.

Why Choose cliCHair for Your Distribution Company?

  • Simplified Order Management: With cliCHair, order management becomes a direct and centralized process. The ability to order easily and at any time ensures your business can replenish without interruptions, always maintaining optimal stock levels to meet your clients' demand.
  • Operational Flexibility with Artificial Intelligence: Our advanced AI platform offers the purchasing manager the freedom to efficiently manage restocking, maximizing sales opportunities and saving valuable resources.
  • Continuous Service 24/7: Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, ensuring the ability to place orders at any time, ideal for keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of your clientele.
  • Access to Detailed Application Protocols: On our site, we offer detailed protocols for using products, allowing you to acquire information that you can customize and reuse with your Brand.

How to Become a cliCHair Partner?


  • Visit our site and register an account using your company's email. Activate your account using the code received by email.
  • Complete your company's profile with all the required details, such as address, company name, preferred language, and more.

Business Code Activation:

  • Request your personalized Business Code via email.
  • We will assign a unique Business Code to your company, providing you with all the necessary information via email to optimize your sales operations and inventory management.

Joining cliCHair as a partner, you enter an ecosystem committed to innovation and excellence, where every aspect of your distribution activity is streamlined and made more efficient. We provide you with the tools to stand out in the market, improve operational efficiency, and ensure maximum satisfaction for your customers.

Are you ready to revolutionize the management of your distribution? Join us and discover how cliCHair can help you achieve new levels of success in distribution.


Become a cliCHair Retailer: Expand Your Sales Without Constraints

In the retail arena, innovation and flexibility define market leaders. cliCHair proves to be the essential partner for retailers who wish to stand out, offering high-quality products without the typical industry restrictions. Our Business Codes, combined with advanced management through Artificial Intelligence, facilitate a tailored approach for every retailer, ensuring a selection of cutting-edge products.

Why Become a cliCHair Retailer?

  • Freedom of Choice: With cliCHair, you will enjoy the freedom to order as much as you want, whenever you want, without minimum purchase obligations or annual sales targets. This allows for a dynamic inventory management that aligns with your business's actual needs.
  • 24/7 Access to Innovative Solutions: Our service never sleeps. You can place your orders 24/7, taking advantage of the latest innovations and the best offers at any moment, thus ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity.
  • Continuous Support: Our AI platform not only simplifies ordering and inventory management but also provides personalized support and advice to maximize your sales, all conveniently accessible from your workstation.
  • Training and Information at Your Fingertips: We provide detailed product application protocols and continuous training, enabling you to elevate your team's expertise and offer added value to your customers.

How to Get Started?

  • Sign Up Easily: Visit our website and create your retailer account. Activate it with the code we will send you and start exploring our catalog immediately.
  • Customize Your Experience: Complete your store's profile with all the necessary details and send us a request to receive your exclusive Business Code, which will give you access to reserved prices and offers.

Becoming a cliCHair retailer means embracing a flexible business model, allowing you to agilely respond to market trends and customer demands, without the pressure of unreachable sales goals or unsold stock.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Join the cliCHair family and discover a world of possibilities for your store, with the support of a leader in the beauty sector. Make the most of the freedom to intelligently manage your stocks and satisfy your customers with avant-garde products.

Educational Institutes

Become a cliCHair Partner: Enhance Your Institute's Educational Offering

In an educational environment that constantly demands innovation and quality, cliCHair stands out as the perfect partner for professional training institutes, positioning itself as a supplier of excellence. Our mission is to enrich the educational offerings of our partner institutes by providing access to high-quality professional products, usable during courses to ensure practical learning with cutting-edge tools.

Why Choose cliCHair as Your Supplier?

  • Access to High-Quality Professional Products: As a cliCHair partner, your institute will have the opportunity to access a wide selection of professional hair care and beauty products, ensuring your courses only use the best in the industry.
  • Exclusive Benefits and Conditions: We offer our educational partners preferential conditions and advantageous prices through dedicated Business Codes, emphasizing our commitment to educational excellence.
  • Targeted Collaborations for Training: We organize training courses in collaboration with our partner institutes for cliCHair clients, who are primarily hairdressers and industry professionals. These events represent a unique opportunity for institutes to expand their network and offer advanced skills, adding an additional revenue channel.
  • Continuous Support and Flexibility: Our 24/7 ordering service ensures that your institute can always have the necessary products for teaching, promoting a dynamic and uninterrupted educational environment.
  • Additional Educational Resources: We provide access to detailed guides and usage protocols, supporting instructors in lesson preparation and ensuring constant updates on the latest industry innovations.

How to Start a Collaboration with cliCHair?

Easy Registration:

  • Visit our website and register an institutional account using your institute's email. Activate the account with the code you will receive.
  • Complete the profile with essential institute information, such as address and name, to get started.

Business Code Activation:

  • Contact us to request your customized Business Code.
  • We will set up a unique code for your institute, providing all the necessary information to optimally integrate our products into your educational programs.

Becoming a cliCHair partner means not just enriching your courses with top-level products but also opening the door to educational collaborations that can enhance the visibility and impact of your institute in the professional beauty sector.

Are you ready to transform your institute's educational offering with the support of cliCHair? Join us today and start discovering the benefits of a partnership dedicated to excellence and innovation.


Our Business Code represent a true revolution compared to traditional login-linked discount systems. They offer:

  • Greater Flexibility: Combining different codes for customized offers.
  • Maximum Personalization: Adapting discounts to specific needs.
  • Continuous Updates: Codes are regularly updated to always provide the best offers, without needing to change the assigned code.




Start Registration: Begin by clicking on the registration or login icon on the cliCHair website. This will take you to the dedicated page where you can start the account creation process.

Enter Your Email: You will be asked to enter an email address, which will be used for all future communications. Remember, this email can be changed or updated later as needed.

Receive the Temporary Code: After entering your email, we will send a temporary code to the provided address. Check your email inbox, including the SPAM folder. We recommend adding us to your trusted senders to ensure you receive all future communications without any issues.

Access Your Account: Return to the cliCHair login page and enter the temporary code you received via email. Once done, you will be officially logged into the site.

Complete Your Profile: The next step is to update your profile. Navigate to the profile section and fill in all the required fields such as name, phone, address, and any other relevant information. Providing accurate details is important to ensure the best possible experience as a cliCHair partner.

By following these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to becoming a cliCHair partner, ready to explore all the opportunities and benefits our platform has to offer.


After you have successfully registered and filled in all the necessary details on the cliCHair platform, here's how you can request your Business Code:

Send the Email: Use the same email address you registered with to send a request for your Business Code. This allows us to easily locate your account and process your request efficiently.

Specify Your Partner Type: In your email, clearly indicate the type of partnership you are interested in establishing with us. Examples include hairdresser, academy, retailer, etc. This information helps us customize the Business Code and benefits to meet your specific needs.

We Process Your Request: Once we receive your email, we will review your application. If we need any additional information or need to conduct further verification, we will get in touch. Otherwise, we will move on to the next step.

Activation of Your Business Code: Once your application is approved, we will activate your personal Business Code. This unique code is your key to accessing exclusive offers and conditions on our platform.

Receiving Your Business Code: You will receive an email at the registered address, containing your Business Code along with the STANDARD conditions applicable to your partnership category.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to fully take advantage of the opportunities and benefits offered by cliCHair as our valued partner.


Once you have obtained your Business Code, you become a full-fledged partner of cliCHair, opening the doors to a range of exclusive advantages. Here's how to use your Business Code step by step and make the most of the benefits offered:

Step 1: Receiving the Business Code
After activation, you will be sent a unique 13-character alphanumeric code. This code is your key to accessing your exclusive benefits as a cliCHair partner.

Step 2: Using the Code at Checkout
When making a purchase, enter your Business Code in the designated field before proceeding to payment. This step is crucial to identify you as a partner and apply the benefits reserved for you.

Advantages of Using the Business Code:

  • Partner Identification: The Business Code confirms your identity as a cliCHair partner, granting you access to the planned benefits.
  • Reserved Discounts: The discount reserved for you is automatically applied at the time of purchase, thanks to the entry of the Business Code.
  • Specific Conditions: The code communicates any specific conditions reserved for you to our logistics, such as priority shipping.
  • Customized Proposals: Our artificial intelligence analyzes your orders to offer you articles, news, promotions, and other opportunities aligned with your preferences and purchase history, making each offer more targeted and relevant.

Step 3: Receiving and Evaluating Customized Offers
After each order, our AI system will assess your history and preferences to send you tailored proposals, thereby optimizing your shopping experience and ensuring you always have the best opportunities available on the market.

By following these steps, you can not only simplify the purchasing process on cliCHair but also enjoy a series of advantages designed to enhance and support your business. Becoming a cliCHair partner means entering a world of dedicated opportunities, designed to grow your business in the beauty sector.