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Neutral Up

Neutral Up

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EDELSTEIN Neutral Up is a permanent hair fixer. It is the perfect product to perform a perm treatment, as it helps to fix and restore the chemical bonds of the hair that have been previously damaged by the treatment. With its oxidizing qualities, EDELSTEIN Neutral Up is able to recompose the hair fibers and neutralize them, eliminating the alkaline residues of the perm. This complementary product is essential for achieving long-lasting results and healthy hair.

Usage: After completing the perm treatment, apply an adequate amount of Neutral Up to the hair. Gently massage to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Leave it on for the recommended time by the manufacturer, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Proceed with styling as desired.

Tips: To achieve the best results, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and perform a patch test on a strand of hair to evaluate the reaction. It is advisable to use Neutral Up in combination with other hair care products from the EDELSTEIN line for a complete treatment.

Conclusion: EDELSTEIN Neutral Up is the perfect permanent hair fixer for achieving long-lasting results and maintaining healthy hair after a perm treatment. Its oxidizing formulation helps to recompose and neutralize the hair fibers, eliminating alkaline residues and ensuring beautiful and well-cared-for hair. Choose Neutral Up by EDELSTEIN for a professional and high-quality perm treatment.

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