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Nika Riviera Breeze Kit

Nika Riviera Breeze Kit

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The Nika Riviera Breeze Kit is your perfect hair care partner against the elements, no matter the season. The kit includes three synergistic products designed to protect and rejuvenate your hair, plus you'll receive a stylish thermal pouch as a bonus.

REVITALIZING SHAMPOO: Ideal for swimmers, this shampoo effectively removes chlorine and impurities, nourishing and leaving hair manageable. Massage into wet scalp and rinse for long-lasting cleanliness and freshness.

LEAVE-IN NOURISHING TREATMENT: Whether you love the mountains or the sea, this treatment is formulated to revitalize your hair. Apply to lengths and ends to fight frizz and keep hair shiny and soft, safeguarding against sun, cold, and wind.

PROTECTIVE SPRAY OIL: A light yet powerful shield against environmental stressors like sun, chlorine, and salt. Suitable for dry or damp hair, apply before heading out for enduring protection and to enhance your hair's natural shine.

Use the Nika Riviera Breeze Kit for a beauty routine that matches your active lifestyle, from swimming to mountain hikes to beach days, ensuring impeccable hair care at all times.

*Take advantage of the included thermal pouch, available for a limited time only.

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