Masters in Men's Care

Immerse yourself in the world of XFLEX - where innovation meets tradition in men's grooming. From the impeccable precision of our beard care to the artistry of our styling products, XFLEX is the choice of modern gentlemen and professional barbershops worldwide. Experience excellence, embrace your style.


After Shave

The Xflex aftershave is designed for the modern man. Its gentle formulation with a signature scent offers refreshment while preventing post-shave irritation, ensuring your skin feels smooth and rejuvenated.



The art of shaving is best expressed with the Xflex Shaving range.

Designed to ensure precision, protection, and hydration, our products turn every shave into a moment of pure pleasure.

For the man who understands the importance of details and won't compromise when it comes to skin care.

Perfection is a choice, and with the Xflex Shaving Line, it's a choice you make every day. We invite you to explore the entire range to find your perfect shaving ally.


Cream After Shave

Experience the ultimate post-shave comfort with the Xflex Cream After Shave collection.

Infused with nature's best ingredients like pure menthol, our range addresses various skin needs, from rejuvenation to soothing sensitive skin, and even battling the signs of aging.

Elevate your grooming routine to a luxurious experience, tailored for the modern man who values exceptional care.

Dive into the Xflex Cream After Shave range and let your skin relish in the afterglow.



Dive into the world of impeccable beard care with our Xflex BEARD range.

Every man deserves outstanding products that reflect his style and personality.

While we highlight some of our solutions, know that the entire range goes far beyond, offering a series of products designed to meet all the grooming needs of the modern man. Let yourself be guided in discovering innovative and high-quality products, designed to enhance and care for your beard in every aspect.

Choose the best, choose Xflex.


Hair Lotion

Dive into a world where hair care meets perfection with the Xflex Lotion range.

Envision a hair care experience meticulously crafted to rejuvenate, nourish, and add an impeccable touch to every hair type. Whether you're seeking a refreshing scalp experience, revitalizing nourishment, or specialized care for particular hair types, our range has got you covered. Every product in the Xflex Lotion collection is a testament to our commitment to quality and the modern individual's needs.

Trust in Xflex, and let your hair speak volumes.



Discover the versatility and exceptional hold with the Xflex Wax range. Formulations designed specifically for the modern man, providing impeccable styling control. From clear definition to matte texture, each wax ensures a long-lasting finish and an unparalleled look. Dive into the magic of styling with Xflex Wax. Explore the range and find the perfect ally for your style!

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Elevate your style with the Xflex gel range. Designed for the man who demands ultimate control and precision, these gels provide extreme hold and enviable shine. Whether you're seeking a clean and structured look or a bolder, tousled effect, the Xflex series has the right solution for you. With youthful and modern scents, each gel ensures an unmatched styling experience. Explore and find your ideal Xflex gel!


Fixing Art

The Fixing Art range elevates the art of styling to the next level. With products like Shape Oil for protection and shaping, Power Spray for long-lasting hold, and Black Gel to conceal gray hair, you'll always have an impeccable look. These are just some of the innovative products we offer, so we invite you to explore the entire collection to discover everything we have to offer!

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