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Perm Up

Perm Up


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EDELSTEIN Perm Up: Revolutionize Your Look with Perfect Curls

Discover the EDELSTEIN Perm Up range, an innovative line of hair perming products promising defined, soft, and shiny curls. Each product in the series, Perm Up 0 (Strong), Perm Up 1 (Medium), and Perm Up 2 (Light), is enriched with rice proteins and plant extracts, ensuring long-lasting results and respect for hair health. Suitable for every need, from defined curls to light waves, EDELSTEIN's Perm Up transforms your hair into a cascade of natural curls.


  • Proven Effectiveness: Positive testimonials and feedback confirm the superior quality of results.
  • Ease of Use: Clear and simple instructions for stress-free application.
  • Unique Formula: Exclusive combination of rice proteins and selected ingredients for hair care.


Ideal for those who desire defined curls or natural waves, the EDELSTEIN Perm Up line is the solution for transforming straight hair into dynamic works of art. These products offer customizable treatment, adapting to different hair textures and lengths, and guarantee a shiny and healthy result.

Usage Instructions:

Permy Wave Technical Application

  1. Shampoo (no treatment): Wash hair with a gentle shampoo to prepare for the treatment.
  2. Hair Positioning: Arrange the hair according to the desired result and based on the diagnosis made.
  3. Clean and Fine Parting: Create a neat and precise section.
  4. Curler Wrapping: Use tip paper to wrap the hair around the curler chosen based on the desired result.
  5. Product Application (PERM UP): Apply the Perm Up product evenly to the hair.
  6. Processing Time: Leave the product on for the time indicated in the instructions (see temp/product).
  7. Thorough Rinse: Rinse the hair thoroughly to completely remove the product.
  8. Application (NEUTRAL UP): Apply the fixative/neutralizer Neutral Up as instructed.
  9. Processing Time: Leave this product on for the recommended time (see temp/product).
  10. Unrolling the Curlers: Remove the curlers and gently massage the scalp before the final rinse.
  11. Final Styling: Proceed with the desired styling to complete the look.

Follow these detailed instructions for the best results from your perm with the EDELSTEIN Perm Up line. Each step has been designed to ensure an effective treatment that respects your hair's health.

Expected Results:

Expect elastic, soft, and shiny curls that last over time. The Perm Up line guarantees a visible transformation, giving your hair a lively and vibrant appearance.


  • Rice Proteins: Nourish and protect the hair.
  • Plant Extracts: Respect the health of the scalp.

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