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Hyalu 12+3 Pack

Hyalu 12+3 Pack


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Maximize Your Profit Margin

Optimize costs, increase profits with Nika

The Hyalu 12+3 Pack from Nika Age Restore is the ideal investment for professionals aiming for excellence and maximizing their profit margins. By purchasing this exclusive pack, you not only receive 3 units for free but also enjoy a significant reduction in cost per unit compared to individual purchases. This pricing strategy allows for an increased profit margin on each sale while simultaneously offering superior hair treatments to your clients. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Diamond Dust, each spray of Hyalu transforms the hair, making it hydrated, shiny, and visibly younger, for a look that lasts over time. Holders of a Business Code also benefit from exclusive advantages, further increasing the value and appeal of your service.

Focus: With the Hyalu 12+3 Pack, you have the opportunity to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality hair transformation for your clients while maximizing your profits. This advantageous purchasing formula not only reduces the cost per unit, allowing for a higher profit margin on each sale but also elevates the level of services offered. Exclusive benefits for Business Code holders add an additional layer of value, enabling you to stand out in the market and retain customers with unique offers. Choose Nika Age Restore to combine economic convenience, quality excellence, and innovation in hair treatments.

Group Products:

  • 12 Hyalu (Purchased)
  • 3 Hyalu (Free)

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