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Organic Hair Color Protect Conditioner

Organic Hair Color Protect Conditioner

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INEJ Organic Hair Color Protect Conditioner is the perfect companion for colored hair, offering advanced protection and intense nourishment to keep the color vibrant and long-lasting. Its formula enriched with Organic Apricot Oil and functional substances creates a protective barrier on the hair, preventing fading and preserving color brilliance. This lightweight and moisturizing conditioner gently detangles the hair, leaving it soft, silky, and full of vitality.

Usage: After shampooing, apply an adequate amount of conditioner to lengths and ends. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use regularly for best results.


  • Use in combination with INEJ Organic Hair Color Protect Shampoo for a complete routine of care for colored hair.
  • Avoid using hot water during hair wash, as it can contribute to color fading.
  • Protect the hair from sun exposure by wearing a hat or using hair products with sun protection.

Conclusion: INEJ Organic Hair Color Protect Conditioner is the ideal choice for those who want to preserve the color of treated hair, keeping it vibrant and healthy. With high-quality organic ingredients and an advanced formula, this conditioner provides protection, nourishment, and softness for hair that shines with color and vitality.

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