With its expertise, INEJ combines the avant-garde of trichology with the use of natural ingredients. The line offers professional haircare treatments formulated with biocompatible active ingredients and dermatologically tested.




Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of your hair, effectively combating the most common problems.


Only selected ingredients of natural origin, which act in synergy to achieve maximum results and give your hair strength and beauty.


The formulas are free of SLS and SLES, petrolatum, silicones, parabens, artificial colors and fragrances with allergens, to take care of even the most sensitive scalp.


Our products are enriched with certified plant extracts and ingredients of biological origin, to offer you a healthy and environmentally friendly hair care experience.



Stressed hair from smog and aggressive treatments finds relief in the ANTI-AGE line by INEJ. A blend of Mandarin Essential Oil and Wheat Germ Oil nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber, offering strength, shine, and protection. Mandarin Essential Oil prevents breakage, while Wheat Germ Oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, combats free radicals. Choosing ANTI-AGE provides your hair with care that regenerates, protects from damage, and restores a youthful, luminous appearance. Discover the power of ANTI-AGE: nature is your ally for radiant hair.



Protect and revive your color

Discover the COLOR PROTECT line by INEJ, the perfect ally for those wanting to keep their colored or bleached hair vibrant and shiny. This line is a tribute to harmony with nature, utilizing high-quality, natural ingredients like Camellia Oil and Hemp Oil. These key components provide intense nourishment and work together to protect the color from daily damage, extending its duration and adding shine. Camellia Oil strengthens the hair fiber, while Hemp Oil, rich in fatty acids and proteins, repairs damaged hair. By choosing COLOR PROTECT, you're choosing a healthy, soft, and silky mane, in perfect harmony with nature.



Hydration and vitality for your hair

Revitalize your hair with INEJ's DRY HAIR line, the ideal solution for dry, damaged, and lifeless locks, stressed by chemical treatments, harsh weather, and aggressive styling. At the heart of its formula, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin F, rich in fatty acids and vitamins, battle dryness and dehydration, nourishing and hydrating deeply. These natural and selected ingredients promise visible results: hair that's softer, shinier, fuller, and easier to comb. By choosing DRY HAIR, you embrace the perfect balance between science and nature, dedicated to those who seek not just efficiency but also a gesture of love towards the environment and themselves. Rediscover the authentic beauty of your hair, in harmony with nature.



Tame your frizzy and dry hair

The SMOOTH line from INEJ, enriched with Keratin and Essential Lavender Oil, is the ideal green solution for those wishing to have disciplined, voluminous, and humidity-protected hair. This natural formula is designed to eliminate frizz, deeply hydrate, and nourish your hair, while ensuring softness, elasticity, and volume. The soothing and moisturizing action of Lavender Essential Oil offers a holistic treatment for a healthy, shining, and easy-to-manage mane. Choose SMOOTH for a hair care experience that respects nature, giving your hair harmonious beauty and sustainability.



Strengthen your hair and fight hair loss

Discover the LOSS CONTROL LINE: an energizing and organic solution against hair loss, perfect for those looking for strong and resilient hair. At the heart of this line lies a powerful trio of Black Tea Extract, Sweet White Lupin, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil, working in synergy to fortify the hair bulb, strengthen the shaft, and protect the ends, making the hair less fragile and more resistant to stress and breakage. These ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness and environmental compatibility, stimulate cell metabolism and the hair growth cycle, promoting healthy and visibly thicker regrowth. By choosing LOSS CONTROL, you opt for a treatment that not only prevents hair loss but also infuses your hair with vitality and shine, respecting nature with a green and sustainable formula.



Get rid of dandruff and itching

Dandruff, a common issue leading to the formation of white, dry flakes on the scalp, is often the result of excessive growth of the yeast Malassezia Furfur, an unbalanced diet, or stress. INEJ addresses this challenge with a harmonious and natural solution, through its organic anti-dandruff line. This line boasts formulas rich in natural origin ingredients, like organic Rosa Mosqueta oil, rice proteins, burdock extract, and piroctone olamine, aimed at restoring the scalp's balance, eliminating dandruff, reducing itchiness, and preventing recurrence. Choosing INEJ means opting for an environmentally respectful approach to get rid of dandruff and rediscover a healthy, hydrated scalp and shiny hair, in perfect harmony with the environment.



For excess sebum production

The REBALANCING SEBUM CONTROL SHAMPOO effectively tackles the common issue of oily hair and greasy scalp, which can arise from factors like genetic predisposition, unbalanced diet, hormonal imbalances, and stress. This gentle and non-aggressive shampoo is enriched with selected natural ingredients such as organic macadamia oil, birch extract, and nettle, working in synergy to regulate sebum production, purify, and soothe the scalp. INEJ's green formula, free from harmful substances and enriched with active ingredients of natural origin, is designed to restore balance to the scalp, making hair clean, light, and healthy, while reducing itchiness and excess sebum. Discover the power of nature against oily hair with INEJ, for hair care in perfect harmony with the environment.



Restore your skin's natural balance

Combat stress, poor diet, pollution, and other harmful factors with our PURIFYING SCALP SCRUB, the green solution to rejuvenate your hair and scalp. Its effectiveness comes from the use of almond and hazelnut vegetable microgranules, which gently remove dead cells, sebum, and impurities, along with essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary, which rebalance and refresh the scalp. This scrub not only deeply cleanses but also restores the natural balance of your hair, preparing it for the best aesthetic and professional treatments. It is ideal for those looking for a natural and effective solution, for periodic well-being or as preparation for specific treatments. Rediscover the natural beauty of your hair with a touch of nature and science.