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INEJ Remedy Shampoo

INEJ Remedy Shampoo


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Discover the INEJ Remedy Shampoo by Code Zero, your ultimate ally against excessive sebum production. Crafted with organic ingredients such as Organic Macadamia Nut Oil, Birch Extract, Nettle, and Rosemary Essential Oil, this shampoo not only deeply cleanses but also nourishes the scalp, reducing sebum and giving your hair a natural shine. Perfect for those seeking an effective and organic solution.

Focus: Imagine waking up without the burden of oily hair and an oily scalp. INEJ Remedy Shampoo turns this dream into reality, offering a natural and organic solution. With each wash, your hair becomes lighter, brighter, and full of life, thanks to the balanced blend of natural ingredients. Be amazed by the transformation and the healthy appearance of your hair. Explore the entire Inej collection for comprehensive care.

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Instruction for Use

INEJ Remedy Shampoo

INEJ Remedy Shampoo Application Guide

Required Materials:
  • INEJ Remedy Shampoo
  • Flexion (L) brush by cliCHair
  • Lukewarm water
  • Soft towel

  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water to prepare it for cleansing.
  • Gently detangle with the Flexion (L) brush, promoting even distribution of the hair's natural oils.

  • Apply a moderate amount of shampoo to your hands and apply it to the scalp and hair.
  • Perform a gentle circular massage to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients.
  • Optionally, during the 3-5 minute waiting period, the Flexion (L) can be used for further product distribution, keeping this step optional.
  • Rinse thoroughly, completely removing the shampoo.

  • Dry your hair by dabbing with the towel to avoid mechanical stress.
  • A final rinse with cold water can help seal the cuticles, enhancing shine.

Post-Treatment Advice:
  • Favor natural drying to minimize heat damage.
  • Keep your hair detangled and well-maintained with regular use of the Flexion (L), thus facilitating daily management and overall hair health.
  • Avoid excessive washing that could stimulate sebum production, adjusting the frequency according to specific needs.
  • Support hair health from the inside with a balanced diet and adequate hydration.

INEJ Detox

INEJ Detox Application Guide

Required Materials:

  • INEJ Detox purifying scrub
  • Lukewarm water
  • Soft towel
  • Flexion (L) brush


  • Moisten hair and scalp with lukewarm water.
  • Use the Flexion (L) brush to gently detangle the hair.


  • Apply INEJ Detox at various points on the scalp to ensure complete coverage.
  • Massage the scalp with gentle circular movements for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water.


  • Proceed with the INEJ shampoo of your choice, suitable for your hair needs.

Post-treatment Tips:

  • Use INEJ Detox once a week.
  • Avoid frequent use of high-heat styling tools.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and adequate hydration.
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