The new hair bleaching

How many times does one of your clients ask for ultra-blonde hair or a fashion colour, like a pastel? We’re guessing it happens a lot, but often they hesitate in the fear that bleaching (the only way to get good results) may damage their hair. Well, now they need fear no more!

Thanks to new FROZEN BLONDE, the result of dedicated NIKA research, you will be able to give clients the colour they dream of whilst leaving hair in excellent condition, gleaming and soft.



IN-OIL LIFT is a totally original and innovative product that opens the way to a new era of hair lightening.

The AMMONIA-FREE creamy formula is easily applied and does not dry out hair, for soft and gradual lightening. The most innovative feature of IN-OIL LIFT and its incredible performance lies in the three premium oils included in the formula.

  • Rice Bran Oil, rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid, carries out intense hydrating and cleansing action.
  • Argan Oil, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, revitalizes the scalp and nourishes hair.
  • Babassu Oil, extracted from the kernels of the palm tree Orbignya Oleifera, is renowned for its anti-ageing properties and leaves hair silky-shiny.

A unique experience, pleasantly scented, to win over your clients to the idea of bleaching. And your creativity and technical skill will also be clearly revealed in the process.


    • Ammonia-free.
    • Enriched with Rice Bran Oil, Argan Oil and Babassu Oil.
    • Performs conditioning, hydrating and cleansing action.
    • Enhanced with unique and pleasant scent.

    • Quick and easy lifting of up to 5 tones.
    • The Oil action guarantees gradual lightening, meaning no second application is necessary.
    • Suitable for all colour lift techniques.
    • Soft and gentle on scalp and hair.
    • Ensured haircare during bleaching process.


FREE-HAND LIFT is a compact bleaching powder enriched with Kaolin Clay for free-hand techniques. It performs efficiently on hair, lifting colour by up to 7 levels and guaranteeing even results.

The paste-like consistency of the Mineral Clay Kaolin (also known as “china clay”) in this innovative formula helps increase the powder’s adherence to the hair. Also, by drying quickly on the outside while continuing to perform on the inside, the cream avoids “spots” on the preselected section of hair, guaranteeing precise and even results with maximum ease and comfort.

FREE-HAND LIFT is the perfect lightening ally for professionals. A compact bleaching powder, it ensures strong and progressive lightening. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used with many techniques: Bleaching, Balayage, Shatush, Streaks and Highlights.

FREE-HAND LIFT. Effective, reliable and extraordinarily adherent. Perfect for offering clients quick, safe and ultra professional results.


    • Enriched with Kaolin clay.
    • Non-volatile powder.
    • Extraordinary qualities for quick, safe and professional results.
    • With a natural earthy fragrance.

    • Quickly lifts up to 7 levels.
    • The dry clay texture dries quickly on the outside while continuing to lift colour inside the hair section.
    • Suitable for free-hand techniques.
    • Gentle on hair and scalp.
    • Ensured haircare during bleaching process.


EXTREME LIFT is a non-volatile bleaching powder, perfect for all colour lifting techniques, from the most classic to the most creative.

The compact texture, easy-to-mix formula and pleasant fragrance makes this powder perfect for lightening natural or dyed hair.

Thanks to its unique formula, EXTREME LIFT allows colour lift of up to 9 levels without ever damaging hair structure during application. It leaves hair strong, soft and brilliant.


    • Enriched with conditioning agents, it detangles and conditions hair, leaving it easier to comb and with brilliant shine and volume.
    • Enriched with Hydrolyzed Keratin, it rebuilds hair structure and regenerates the fibre. Hair becomes healthier, softer and revitalized.
    • With a fresh and contemporary fragrance.

    • Quickly lifts up to 9 levels.
    • Low-volatility powder.
    • Easy to mix.
    • Quick bleaching action.
    • Suitable for all lightening techniques.
    • Ensured haircare during bleaching process.
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Our Compact bleaching powder is an universal no-dust hair bleaching product. It does not inflate and provides excellent colour lift with any technique, while respecting the hair structure. Blue colour pigments neutralise unwanted yellow / orange tones.

The product contains: corn proteins and amino acids sheath the hair shaft and help to reconstruct protein bonds, leaving hair suppler and stronger. They protect hair and repair any hair damages caused by chemicals, their moisturising effect reduces frizz and prevents split ends.

Guar gum: guar is the name of a plant native to India. Guar seeds are processed into Guar gum, that is an excellent emollient and hair conditioner. Macadamia oil: an excellent emollient that detangles hair and does not weigh it down.




No-dust bleaching powder with Oligosaccharides ß-D-Fructose.

A new generation powder lightener with enhanced respect to the hair structure, hydration and shine that enables professionals to achieve up to ZERO COLOR level!

A combination of the powder with oils, proteins and vegetal extracts allow this innovative formula to produce an antioxidant and hydrating effect which assists the hair during processing.

The properties of this modern formula help to make hair less porous with greater elasticity and shine while feeling healthier to the touch.

This avant-garde bleaching powder formula assists to reduce oxidation and porosity during lifting when compared to conventional bleach formulas as it helps to hold the integrity of the hair structure.

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