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Bleaching Compact

Bleaching Compact

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Achieve stunning lightening results with our CODE ZERO Hair Bleaching Compact. This bleaching powder is specially formulated to deliver perfect lightening on all hair types, whether you desire subtle lightening effects or more drastic highlights or foiling.

The distinctive feature of Bleaching Compact is the inclusion of a cationic protein that replenishes, hydrates, protects, and conditions the hair during the bleaching process. This ensures optimal treatment of the hair while preserving the health of both the skin and the hair itself.

The Bleaching Compact powder easily reaches up to 7 tones of lightening, allowing you to achieve your desired results. It is recommended to use this bleaching powder in combination with the Code Zero oxidizing cream, available in 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 volumes.

Usage: Mix the Bleaching Compact with the Code Zero oxidizing cream in the recommended mixing ratio. Apply evenly to dry hair and leave on for the recommended time, carefully monitoring the lightening process. Rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water afterwards.

Tips: Always perform a patch test on a small hair strand before application to assess the result and check for any allergic reactions. Make sure to follow the instructions provided on the packaging and wear protective gloves during application. Avoid contact with the eyes and sensitive skin.

Conclusion: With our CODE ZERO Hair Bleaching Compact, you can achieve perfect and luminous lightening while prioritizing the health of your hair. Choose the quality and effectiveness of Bleaching Compact to create extraordinary and bold looks.

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