Experience the sublime touch of rejuvenation with Age Restore with Reborn Complex, a transformative solution designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your hair. This powerful formula is crafted to give your locks a younger, softer, and silkier appearance, restoring strength and radiance. It's specially designed to counteract the effects of time, providing an intense and effective action that revitalizes your hair, embodying a perfect blend of care and vitality.

REBORN COMPLEX by NIKA is a testament to hair rejuvenation, offering a unique formula composed of a high-quality blend of hydrating and conditioning agents. It's the synergy of three potent active ingredients that sets it apart: Hyaluronic Acid for its unparalleled anti-aging and hydrating properties, Diamond Dust to infuse hair with a captivating shine, and Color Guard technology to amplify and protect color. This exclusive mix promises to transform your hair, giving it a rejuvenated, youthful, and silky smooth finish.

With Age Restore, every strand tells a story of rebirth, revealing the power of a renewed past and a radiant future.



RADIANCE stands as your exclusive key to unparalleled hair transformation, encapsulated in 6 vials of 13 ml each, of the Professional Hyaluronic & Diamonds Treatment. At its core lie the Reborn Complex and Color Guard, making it uniquely infused with these elements. These vials are genuine youth elixirs, ready to provide your hair with deep hydration, radiant shine, and silky softness from the very first use. A treatment designed to revitalize, offering hydration, youthfulness, and radiance, effectively countering the effects of time.




Rediscover the beauty of your hair with Nika Age Restore Shampoo and Deep Conditioner, a dual solution that brings unparalleled luxury to your daily hair care routine. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Color Guard, these products not only deeply hydrate and nourish your hair but also activate anti-aging mechanisms, preparing it for specific treatments. This unique combination is designed to transform dry and dull hair, restoring it to a state of youth, softness, and shine, directly addressing the effects of aging. With regular use, your hair will not only look visibly younger and more radiant but you'll also feel the difference in its texture and resilience.




Brighten your locks with Hyalu Hyaluronic Acid Spray, a Hyaluronic & Diamonds leave-in treatment that adds an extreme touch of radiance. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Color Guard, this spray not only deeply hydrates but also renews and rejuvenates your hair. It's the perfect solution for those looking to combat dryness and give their hair a younger, more radiant appearance. With its synergistic action, it instantly transforms your hair, leaving it wonderfully soft, luminous, and full of life.