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Ecovexx Start Kit

Ecovexx Start Kit

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The Code Zero Ecovexx Start Kit is a comprehensive set of professional hair products that provides a complete solution for hair protection and reconstruction during chemical treatments. This kit is perfect for coloring, bleaching, straightening, and perming, delivering exceptional results without compromising the health of the hair.

The kit includes Xsence N°1, a solution to be mixed with the chemical products to strengthen and create new keratin bonds, protecting the internal structure of the hair. Xsaver N°2 is a post-treatment cream that locks and seals the bonds created by Xsence N°1, providing intense nourishment and deep hydration.

Usage: For each chemical treatment, carefully follow the instructions included in the kit. Mix Xsence N°1 with the chemical products according to the recommended ratios and apply as directed. After the treatment, rinse the hair and apply Xsaver N°2, leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Tips: Before use, perform a patch test on a small section of hair to assess any allergic reactions or sensitivities. For best results, carefully follow the dosage instructions and recommended application times.

Conclusion: The Code Zero Ecovexx Start Kit is the ideal choice for achieving healthy, strong, and protected hair during chemical treatments. With the combination of Xsence N°1 and Xsaver N°2, this kit offers advanced protection and effective hair reconstruction. Choose the Code Zero Ecovexx Start Kit for exceptional results and beautiful hair.

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