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Oublier le Temps

Oublier le Temps

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Oublier le Temps by Code Zero is a delicate hair fragrance that provides softness and leaves a fresh scent. Every time you move your hair, you'll enjoy the subtly sweet aroma of bergamot, orange, and citrus. This formula promotes shine, reduces static, tames frizz, and gives your hair a glossy appearance.

How to Use: Lightly spray Oublier le Temps onto dry or damp hair from a distance of approximately 20cm. You can apply it all over your hair or focus on the ends for long-lasting fragrance.

Tips: Use Oublier le Temps to add a touch of freshness to your hair throughout the day. It's perfect for refreshing your hair between shampoos or extending the longevity of your favorite perfume.

Conclusion: Oublier le Temps by Code Zero is the secret to soft and beautifully scented hair. With its delicate fragrance and special formula, it will make your hair more radiant and frizz-free. Add a touch of freshness to your hair care routine with Oublier le Temps.

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