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Xflex Glaze Spray

Xflex Glaze Spray

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EDELSTEIN XFLEX Glaze Spray - The Creative Touch with Nature's Finest

Discover the sheer brilliance of XFLEX Glaze Spray by Edelstein. This Made-in-Italy styling masterpiece is more than just a hair spray; it's a fusion of nature and creativity, offering you the freedom to sculpt the finest hairdos with ease and confidence.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Luminosity: Witness the perfect balance between a natural and radiant finish. The XFLEX Glaze Spray ensures your hair doesn't just stay in place but shines brilliantly under any light.
  2. Memory Effect: The spray’s memory effect ensures your style stays consistent, bouncing back to its sculpted form even after a gusty wind or a long day.
  3. UV Protection: No longer worry about the sun's harmful rays. With its unique UV filters, the XFLEX Glaze Spray shields your hair, maintaining its health and vigor.
  4. Resinous Grip: With its natural resin-based formula, the spray promises a medium hold, ensuring your creative styles remain intact but with a soft touch.
  5. Natural Extracts Infusion: Enriched with a medley of nature's finest like algae extracts, nettle, ginseng root, white birch water, and hibiscus, your hair doesn’t just get styled but also nurtured, fortified, and conditioned.

How to Use: For natural styles, spray from a 20 cm distance on damp or dry hair. For more intricate and tailored looks, get closer and mist on specific strands or sections.

Ingredients Spotlight:

  • Bladderwrack Algae Extracts: Moisturizes the hair shaft and enhances its elasticity.
  • Nettle Extracts: Strengthens the hair structure and boosts its overall quality.
  • Ginseng Root Extracts: Elevates hair’s resilience and immunity.
  • White Birch Water: Amplifies hair’s shine and health.
  • Hibiscus Extract: Acts as a natural conditioner. Its acidic pH aids in sealing hair structure, balancing moisture content, and boosting luminosity.

Why XFLEX Glaze Spray? Crafted for the connoisseur of haircare, the XFLEX Glaze Spray is the culmination of Italian finesse, creative styling, and nature’s nurturing touch. Whether it’s a casual day out or a festive evening, let every moment be a statement of style and elegance.

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