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Stabilizer pH 3.5

Stabilizer pH 3.5

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The pH 3.5 Stabilizer is an innovative product that helps you achieve healthy and balanced hair before, during, and after technical treatments. Its special formula with an acidic pH of 3.5 helps to close the hair cuticles, promoting better color retention and increased protection.

How to Use:

Before Treatment: Spray the pH 3.5 Stabilizer on dry hair, maintaining the appropriate distance, focusing on the lengths and ends. Proceed with your desired technical treatment. This step prepares the hair for the treatment, ensuring even color distribution.

Before Emulsifying the Color on Regrowth: Spray the pH 3.5 Stabilizer at a suitable distance on the lengths and ends to avoid color overload, especially on porous hair.

After Treatment: After shampooing, spray the pH 3.5 Stabilizer at an appropriate distance on the hair and proceed with your desired styling. This step helps to close the hair cuticles, leaving a smooth and polished look.


  • Use the pH 3.5 Stabilizer as a pre-treatment to prepare the hair before technical treatments.
  • Ensure to maintain the appropriate distance during application for even product distribution.
  • Use the pH 3.5 Stabilizer as a post-treatment to seal the cuticles and maintain a healthy and shiny appearance of the hair.


Experience the benefits of the pH 3.5 Stabilizer, specially formulated to close the hair cuticles and provide stabilizing action. Enhance the effectiveness of your technical treatments and maintain healthy and balanced-looking hair.

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