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Salt and Sand

Salt and Sand


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Discover the sea-inspired look with our Code Zero Salt and Sand Wet Effect Hair Spray. This spray is the perfect ally to achieve a wet hair effect as if you've spent a day at the beach, add volume to your hair, or create a tousled yet trendy look. Enriched with sea salt, the formula provides a natural beach effect and much more. Experiment with different styles, from wet hair effect to root volume, from tousled but trendy look to waves without volume.

How to Use:

  • For a beach effect, spray onto damp hair and comb through with your hands.
  • To add volume, spray directly at the roots and massage with fingertips, preferably with the head tilted downwards.
  • For a tousled and wavy effect, spray from a distance of about 15 cm from top to bottom and scrunch with your hands.


  • Experiment with different application techniques to find your desired look.
  • Complete your look with other Code Zero hair products for an even more stunning result.

Conclusion: Achieve the beach-inspired look you desire with our Code Zero Salt and Sand Hair Spray. Whether you want a wet hair effect, added volume, or a tousled yet trendy look, this spray is the perfect choice. Experiment with different styles and enjoy perfectly styled and vibrant hair. Add our Code Zero Salt and Sand Hair Spray to your haircare routine and get ready to make a big impression.

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