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Reflection Chart

Reflection Chart


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The NIKA Reflection Chart is an essential resource for professional hair coloring. This color chart offers a wide range of shades with the new Reflection technology, allowing hairstylists to create exceptional color results.

Instructions: Use the Reflection Chart as a guide to identify the desired shades and achieve precise color results. Browse through the different tones and refer to the visual examples to get an idea of the final color. Combine shades based on client preferences and desired coloring techniques.


  • Take the time to study the Reflection Chart carefully and understand the nuances and results each color can offer.
  • Refer to the Reflection Chart during consultations with clients to identify the most suitable shade for their needs and preferences.
  • Experiment with combinations of shades to create customized and unique looks.
  • Remember to consider the hair's base tone before choosing a shade from the Reflection Chart.

Conclusion: The NIKA Reflection Chart is an indispensable tool for hairstylists looking to offer professional coloring services. With its wide range of shades and the new Reflection technology, this color chart provides a comprehensive overview of color results, allowing you to create personalized and stunning looks. Choose the Reflection Chart to achieve extraordinary color results and exceed your clients' expectations.

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