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Perm Up Kit Complete

Perm Up Kit Complete


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The EDELSTEIN Perm Up Kit Complete is a comprehensive solution for achieving diverse permanent hairstyles. This complete kit includes Neutral Up, Perm Up 0 (Strong), Perm Up 1 (Medium), and Perm Up 2 (Light), each formulated to provide high-quality results while prioritizing hair health. From natural curls to soft waves, this kit empowers you to create a variety of lasting hairstyles with professional finesse.


  • Proven Effectiveness: Delivers superior results across different hair types.
  • Ease of Use: Simple, well-documented steps for hassle-free application.
  • Unique Formula: Blends rice proteins and plant extracts for hair nourishment and protection.


Ideal for anyone seeking to experiment with their hair texture, the Perm Up Kit caters to a wide range of styles, from tight curls to relaxed waves, on various hair lengths and types.

Usage Instructions:

  1. General Procedure for Perm Up (0, 1, 2):

    • Shampoo your hair (without treatment) and position it according to the desired style.
    • Create a clean and fine parting, then wrap the hair with the chosen curlers and protective paper.
    • Apply the Perm Up product evenly and leave it on for the recommended time.
    • Rinse thoroughly, apply Neutral Up (Perm Fixer), leave it as per instructions, and then rinse.
    • Unroll the curlers, gently massage the scalp, and proceed with the final styling.
  2. Neutral Up - Perm Fixer:

    • Use post-perm for setting and stabilizing the curls or waves.
    • Apply evenly, allow it to act for the manufacturer's recommended duration, and rinse.

Expected Results:

The Perm Up Kit promises elastic, soft, and radiant curls or waves that maintain their form and health over time.


  • Key Ingredients: Rice Proteins for strengthening, and Plant Extracts for scalp health.

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