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Reflection Exhibitor

Reflection Exhibitor


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The Nika Reflection Exhibitor is an elegant display designed to enhance the use of high-quality products from the Nika Reflection line in your salon. This exhibitor allows you to add a touch of sophistication to your space and showcase your color service. Note: color not included.

Usage: Place the Reflection Exhibitor in a prominent area of your salon, such as the reception desk or waiting area, to catch the attention of your customers. Use the exhibitor to display and organize Nika Reflection products, including colors, oxidizers, and accessories. Ensure the exhibitor is kept clean and tidy for an appealing presentation.


  • Arrange the products inside the exhibitor in a logical and attractive manner, such as by color or product type.
  • Use tags or labels to indicate the names and features of the products, making it easy for customers to identify what they're looking for.
  • Regularly rotate the displayed items to offer customers a variety of options and to showcase new collections or ongoing promotions.
  • Utilize the exhibitor as a reference point during client consultations, showcasing the products and explaining the benefits and features of the Nika Reflection line.

Conclusion: The Nika Reflection Exhibitor is an essential tool for enhancing the presentation of Nika Reflection products in your salon. This elegant display allows you to create a classy atmosphere and highlight your color service offerings. Elevate your salon with the Nika Reflection Exhibitor and provide your customers with a visually appealing experience.

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