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Nika Hair Tools Kit

Nika Hair Tools Kit


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Elevate your hair coloring and treatment experience to the professional level with the Nika Hair Tools Kit. This high-quality toolset has been specially designed to offer precision, comfort, and impeccable results. Each tool in the kit - brush, bowl, and mixer - showcases the attention to detail and innovation synonymous with the NIKA brand. Ideal for both professionals and hair enthusiasts at home.

NIKA Application Brush

The NIKA Application Brush is the perfect accessory for precise and even application of hair products. With its high-quality bristles and ergonomic design, it turns product application into a professional and comfortable experience.

Usage: Use the brush to distribute products evenly through the hair. Take a small amount of product and apply it at the roots, gently brushing towards the ends.

Tips: Clean the brush regularly after each use to maintain hygiene and ensure optimal performance. Use the brush in combination with NIKA products for the best results.

Conclusion: The NIKA Application Brush is a must-have for achieving professional results in your hair care routine. Opt for the quality and ergonomic design of the NIKA brush.

NIKA Bowl Black

The NIKA Bowl Black is the perfect choice for professional hairstylists in need of a high-quality bowl for mixing coloring products or hair treatments.

Usage: Pour the desired products into the NIKA Bowl Black and mix until achieving a homogeneous consistency.

Tips: Clean the bowl after each use with warm water and mild soap. Store it in a dry and protected place.

Conclusion: With its elegance and functionality, the NIKA Bowl Black adds a touch of professionalism to your salon or home routine.

NIKA Hair Products Mixer

The NIKA mixer is an essential tool for colorists and professionals.

Usage: Attach the whisk to the handle and start mixing in a circular motion until the desired consistency is achieved.

Tips: Use the mixer in a well-ventilated area and adhere to safety guidelines.

Conclusion: The NIKA mixer ensures precise and consistent mixing, making every hair treatment a success.

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