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Nika Fairy Silk Pro Kit

Nika Fairy Silk Pro Kit

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Discover the revolution in hair care with the Nika Fairy Silk Pro Kit: your complete solution for smooth, silky, and radiant hair. This exclusive set, especially suitable for professional use, combines Nika's cutting-edge science with natural ingredients to transform frizzy and unruly hair into soft and manageable locks. From the intense smoothing treatment of NIKA Maximum to the deep nourishment of the Deep Conditioner. The Extender offers long-lasting anti-frizz control, while the Shimmer seals and adds that final touch of brilliance and shine.


NIKA Maximum: Use this treatment for an intensive transformation, making your hair wonderfully smooth and manageable for months.

Shampoo: A gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that prepares the hair for the smoothing action of subsequent treatments.

Deep Conditioner: Deeply nourishes and consolidates the smoothing effects of the treatment, leaving hair soft and silky.

Nika Extender: Apply this no-rinse anti-frizz cream to keep hair smooth and perfect for longer.

Nika Shimmer: Concludes the treatment with a spray for exceptional brilliance that captures light, seals the hair, and protects it.


Conclusion: With the Nika Fairy Silk Pro Kit, you can enjoy smooth, soft, and shiny hair, and easily maintain your favorite style.

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