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Beauty Box

Beauty Box


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The Nika Beauty Box is the perfect accessory to enhance your beauty collection, a sublime fusion of functionality and sophisticated design. Crafted from sturdy pressed cardboard and wrapped in sleek black paper, this cylindrical box stands out with silver details and a shimmering logo, reflecting Nika’s commitment to excellence.

Focus: Designed to elevate every customer's experience, the Nika Beauty Box turns the simple act of giving or receiving into a unique moment. Envision carefully selecting your favorite Nika products, placing them into this box, and witnessing the excitement in the eyes of the recipient. The Beauty Box is more than just a container: it's a promise of beauty and care.

Key Features:

  • Durable pressed cardboard structure
  • Elegant black paper wrapping
  • Shining silver details and logo
  • Refined cylindrical design measuring 26cm x 12.5cm

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