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Oxidizer Nika Colors

Oxidizer Nika Colors

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The Nika Colors Oxidizer is a specially formulated activator designed to be used with Nika colors. This oxidant is engineered to deliver exceptional and long-lasting color results, offering a range of volume options to cater to different hair coloring needs.

Usage Instructions: Measure the desired amount of Nika color and Oxidizer in a 1:1 ratio. Thoroughly mix until a consistent texture is achieved. Apply the mixture to the hair, ensuring even distribution from roots to ends. Leave it on for the recommended time specified in the Nika color instructions. Then, rinse thoroughly and follow with suitable shampoo and conditioner to complete the coloring process.


  • Always perform a patch test on sensitive skin before using Nika Colors Oxidizer.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the Nika color carefully for optimal results.
  • Use the oxidizer with the appropriate volume based on desired color needs. Lower volumes are ideal for darker shades or tone-on-tone effects, while higher volumes are recommended for lightening or gray hair coverage.

Conclusion: Nika Colors Oxidizer is an essential component for achieving professional and long-lasting color results. Specifically developed for use with Nika colors, it provides flexibility and precision in the hair coloring process. Choose Nika Colors Oxidizer for quality coloring and effortlessly achieve your desired look.

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