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Liquid Pigments Color Chart

Liquid Pigments Color Chart


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The NIKA Liquid Pigments Color Chart is an essential tool for professional coloring. This color chart provides you with a comprehensive overview of the color results you can achieve with NIKA liquid pigments. With this color chart, you'll be able to offer professional coloring to your clients, ensuring amazing results.


  1. Use the NIKA Liquid Pigments Color Chart as a guide to select the desired colors.
  2. Refer to the color chart to identify the corresponding NIKA liquid pigment for the desired color.
  3. Prepare the mixture following the provided instructions for the selected NIKA liquid pigment.
  4. Apply the mixture to hair strands using the desired coloring technique.
  5. Leave the color on for the recommended time and proceed with rinsing.


  • Experiment with different color combinations using the NIKA Liquid Pigments Color Chart to create custom effects.
  • Follow the mixing and processing time guidelines to achieve the best color results.
  • Practice on hair swatches to familiarize yourself with the pigmentation and color effects before applying them on clients' hair.

Conclusion: The NIKA Liquid Pigments Color Chart is a valuable tool for professional colorists. Providing a comprehensive overview of color results, this color chart allows you to create extraordinary and customized looks for your clients. Harness the creative potential of NIKA liquid pigments and deliver impeccable professional coloring.

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