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Inside Potion - Nourishing Spray Treatment

Inside Potion - Nourishing Spray Treatment


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Inside Potion is a spray treatment specifically designed for dry, damaged, and unruly hair. This product restores lost moisture and rebuilds hair strength, leaving it nourished and revitalized. The unique cream-mist technology provides a silky texture and enhances manageability during styling.

Usage: Apply to dry or damp hair. Spray evenly throughout the hair, focusing on areas that are particularly damaged or dry. Do not rinse. Proceed with desired styling.

Tips: Use regularly for best results. Inside Potion is ideal for dry, damaged, or hard-to-manage hair. Combine with other Code Zero products for a complete hair care regimen.

Conclusion: With Inside Potion, you can transform your dry and damaged hair. This spray treatment provides hydration, repair, and ease of styling, leaving your hair soft, silky, and manageable. Give your hair the treatment it deserves with Inside Potion.

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