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Grace Color Chart

Grace Color Chart


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The Grace Color Chart by Nika is an essential tool for hair color professionals. This color chart offers a wide range of shades and tones, thanks to Nika Grace's advanced technology. The Grace Color Chart allows you to preview the color result for each shade, enabling you to choose the perfect hue for your hair.


  1. Consult the Grace Color Chart to explore the various available shades.
  2. Find the desired shade and observe the visual representation of the color.
  3. Use the Grace Color Chart as a reference to communicate your desired shade to your hairdresser or to select the appropriate home coloring product.
  4. Experiment and create customized looks with confidence, having a clear vision of the desired color result.


  • Consider your hair type, skin tone, and eye color to find the most suitable shade for you.
  • Perform a strand test on a small section of hair to assess how the color will adapt to your hair.
  • Follow the application instructions carefully and use recommended complementary products, such as the suggested activators, to achieve the best color result.

Conclusion: Nika's Grace Color Chart is an indispensable tool for exploring the wide range of shades offered by the Nika Grace product line. Whether you are a hair color professional or a DIY enthusiast, this color chart allows you to have a clear vision of your desired color result. Choose your perfect hue and experiment with confidence, achieving personalized and stylish colored hair.

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