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Nika Diamonds

Nika Diamonds

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Revitalize your blonde hair with the Diamonds Bright Blond leave-in treatment by Nika Frozen Blonde. This spray treatment is specially designed for blonde, white, or grey hair, whether natural or colored. Its formula, enriched with pearly pigments and Color Guard, offers an intensely reflective action that enhances cool tones and neutralizes unwanted yellow hues.


- Neutralizes yellow highlights without altering the hair color.
- Enriched with cool pigments, it enhances cool highlights for a brilliant blonde look.
- Softens and nourishes the hair, creating a shiny, blonde appearance.

Directions for use:

Apply the Diamonds Bright Blond treatment to wet or dry hair, then proceed with the desired hair styling or drying.


- Use the Diamonds Bright Blond treatment regularly to maintain your blonde, white, or grey hair at its best.
- For optimal results, combine with other products from the Nika Frozen Blonde line.
- Experiment with different amounts of product to suit your specific needs.

Discover the Diamonds Bright Blond treatment by Nika Frozen Blonde and enjoy luminous and perfect blonde hair like never before.

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