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Bowl Black

Bowl Black

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The Code Zero Bowl is an essential tool for hairdressers. If you need to mix products for coloring or other treatments, you require a professional and ergonomic bowl with a well-designed handle that is easy to clean.

Usage: Take the Code Zero Bowl and pour the products you want to mix into it. Use a brush or a specific spatula to stir the products until you achieve a uniform consistency.

Tips: Use the Code Zero Bowl to precisely mix hair coloring products, dyes, or other treatments. Its ergonomic shape and well-designed handle ensure a comfortable grip and facilitate the mixing process.

Conclusion: The Code Zero Bowl is a must-have tool for hair professionals. With its ergonomic design and easy-to-clean features, it allows you to mix products with precision and convenience. Add the Code Zero Bowl to your equipment and simplify the process of preparing treatments for your clients.

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