Xflex Shape Oil Application Guide


  • For Regular Styles:

    • Dispense a few drops of XFLEX Shape Oil into the palms of your hands.
    • Rub your hands together to warm the oil, making it easier to apply.
    • Apply evenly to your hair, starting from the ends and working up towards the roots, avoiding direct application to the scalp.
    • Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the oil throughout the length, ensuring even coverage.
    • Dry and style your hair as desired, using a medium-temperature hairdryer to avoid heat damage.
  • For Detailed Hairstyles:

    • Apply a larger amount of oil to specific sections or strands for extra strong hold.
    • Work the oil into each strand with your fingers to sculpt details and texture.
    • For defined looks or special effects, use styling tools such as brushes and irons after applying the oil.

Final Tips:

  • For a semi-gloss finish and extra strong hold, make sure to adjust the product dosage according to the length and type of hair.
  • XFLEX Shape Oil is also ideal as a protective treatment against UV damage, apply it before sun exposure for optimal protection.