Xflex Power Spray Application Guide


  • Start with clean and dry hair to maximize the effectiveness of XFLEX Power Spray. Clean hair ensures better product adherence.
  • Comb your hair in the desired direction, preparing it for optimal styling.
  • Vigorously shake the Power Spray bottle before use to thoroughly mix the ingredients.


  • Hold the bottle about 20 cm away from your head, ensuring even distribution of the product.
  • Briefly spray, focusing on areas that need more hold or volume.
  • Apply the product in layers for greater definition, allowing brief drying time between sprays.
  • Style your hair with your fingers or a comb as desired. XFLEX Power Spray allows for the flexibility to make adjustments even after application, thanks to its reworkable formula.
  • To add volume, apply the product with your head tilted forward, lifting the hair from the roots with your fingers.
  • After application, for an even stronger hold, additional product can be applied and immediate adjustments can be made before the product fully sets the style.
  • XFLEX Power Spray does not make hair greasy or weigh it down, keeping it natural to the touch.
  • The product is easily removed with a simple wash, leaving no residue behind.