Nika Shiny Wax Application Guide

Materials Needed:

  • Shiny Wax from Nika's Styling Secret range
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Hair dryer (optional, for styling)
  • Towel (for drying hands after application)


  • Ensure hair is clean and slightly damp or dry, depending on the desired final look.
  • Wash hands to make sure they are clean before applying Shiny Wax.


  • Start by warming a small amount of Shiny Wax between your palms. This helps to soften the wax for easier application.
  • Gently work the wax into your hair. For a more defined look, apply it to slightly damp hair. For a polished finish, use on dry hair.
  • Use your fingers or a comb to style your hair into the desired shape. Pay special attention to areas where you want more definition or texture.
  • If you're aiming for a volumized look, consider applying the wax to the roots and using a hair dryer to lift the hair as you style.


  • No rinsing is required after applying Shiny Wax. The product is designed to stay in your hair, providing texture and shine.
  • For added volume or a refreshed style throughout the day, you can reheat a small amount of wax in your hands and apply it again, using a hair dryer on cool setting to help restyle if necessary.

Post-Treatment Tips:

  • To maintain the style, avoid touching your hair too frequently as this can make it greasy.
  • If you used Shiny Wax on damp hair, letting it air dry or using a hair dryer will lock in the style.
  • For longer-lasting results, combine Shiny Wax with other Nika Styling Secret products like the Natural Hair Spray for added hold.