For pool or outdoor sports, at the sea or in the mountains, on vacation or at work, Riviera Breeze is your faithful ally.



Riviera Breeze stands as your faithful ally for every adventure, from the pool to the mountain, from work to vacation. Enriched with baobab, argan, and shea oils, it offers unparalleled protection against damage from chlorine, sun, saltwater, and sand, keeping hair soft, silky, and luminous. Designed for those seeking a treatment that deeply nourishes and fights frizz, while ensuring lightness and manageability. Riviera Breeze not only solves the problem of hair damaged by external elements but transforms it into a radiant mane, promoting hair well-being that accompanies the user in every situation, with a harmonious and motivational spirit.




The Revitalizing Shampoo Riviera Breeze is your faithful ally for pool and outdoor sports, at the sea or in the mountains, and an effective solution for both vacation and work. Enriched with natural oils like baobab, argan, and shea, this formula is designed to gently remove chlorine, salt, and sand while deeply nourishing your hair. With Riviera Breeze, your hair will regain softness, manageability, and shine, standing up to the harmful effects of natural elements. Thanks to super antioxidants, it prolongs color life and fights frizz, making this shampoo a must-have for those desiring healthy and radiant hair in every situation. Ideal for starting your day with a care routine or indulging in a moment of relaxation after activities, the Revitalizing Shampoo Riviera Breeze promises a beauty routine that harmoniously and motivationally accompanies every moment of your day.




The Riviera Breeze Leave-In Nourishing Treatment is perfect for those seeking protection and vitality for their hair, whether in outdoor environments like the sea and mountains or in daily routine. Enriched with natural oils such as baobab, argan, and shea, it deeply nourishes, fights damage from chlorine, salt, and sun, and leaves hair soft and shiny. With super antioxidants, it prolongs color life, ensuring a vibrant mane. Easy to apply on damp hair, it allows for quick care without rinsing, ideal for those who do not want to compromise between activity and hair beauty. Riviera Breeze proves to be the optimal solution for healthy and glowing hair in any situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend using aspecific product to protect the hair insummer?

In summer it is important to protect not only the skin, but also the hair from the types of damage caused by external agents (chlorine, salt, sand) and the sun’s rays. It is therefore useful to advise your clients to change their Hair Care Routine only for the summer period by including products that protect the hair from the sun.

Why should I recommend the Riviera Breeze line to my customers?

The sunscreen products of the Riviera Breeze line contain ingredients created especially to protect and care for the hair throughout the summer to avoid tired, damaged, brittle and/or damaged hair in autumn.

What ingredients are used in the Riviera Breeze products?

All the products of the Riviera Breeze sun line are enriched with VITAL OIL, a complex of Baobab, Argan and Shea oils with antioxidant and nourishing properties, and COLOR GUARD, the new active ingredient for achieving brilliant and long-lasting colour. Thanks to the synergic combination of the two active ingredients, the color lasts longer and the hair is protected from external agents and exposure to the sun’s rays while preserving its shine, softness, and manageability.

What products can you find in theRiviera Breeze line?

Riviera Breeze is a complete line of products for summer hair care and protection. It includes both Shine, a product to use as protection during sun exposure, and after-sun products to use at home such as MY JOY Shampoo and MY JOY Leave-In Treatment to revitalize hair after a long day in the sun.

To what kind of customer can I re-commend the use of SHINE Sun Scre-en Dry Oil?

SHINE is a dry oil spray that is non greasy and does not weigh hair down. It is perfect for customers whose aim is to have shiny hair with a soft, natural look. Especially suitable for hair that dries out easily.

Can SHINE Sun Screen Dry Oil weigh the hair down?

No, not if it is used properly. The formula is specially designed not to feel greasy or weigh the hair down.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

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