Your blonde is not just a color, it's a reflection of your inner light. Treat it as a precious treasure.

Discover the revolution in hair care with the Frozen Blonde range by Nika, exclusively dedicated to the care and beauty of blonde, white, and grey hair, both natural and colored. This innovative line leverages a special formula, enriched with Pearly Pigments and Conditioning Agents, to revive reflections, eliminate unwanted yellow tones, and provide unparalleled shine. At the heart of our technology are Restructuring Agents and Color Guard, working in synergy to nourish the hair fiber, making hair soft, silky, and radiant. Frozen Blonde effectively solves the problem of undesired reflections, ensuring perfect, radiant, and healthy blonde hair. Embrace wonderfully luminous hair, where each strand reflects light sublimely, thanks to care that goes beyond simple treatment: a true investment in the beauty and health of your hair.


high quality active ingredients

PEARLY PIGMENTS: Special particles that diffuse the light, amplifying reflections to infinity and adding incredible shine.

CONDITIONING AGENTS: To strengthen and nourish the hair fibre, keeping it compact and even.

RESTRUCTURING AGENTS: These act within the hair fibre, for healthier, more radiant hair.

COLOR GUARD: To enhance the colour.


Perfect, Radiant, Healthy and Shiny

Thanks to the revolutionary formula of Frozen Blonde enriched with Pearly Pigments, blonde hair receives intense hydration and nourishment, transforming into a mane that's shining, soft, and silky. This exclusive line not only enhances the color but perfects the blonde shade, ensuring an unprecedented level of brightness and health. Experience the transformation towards the perfect blonde: a burst of light and vitality for your hair.



Introducing the Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo, a cornerstone in the care of blonde, white, and grey hair. This shampoo is not just a cleansing product; it's a beauty elixir that transforms every wash into a ritual of purification and illumination.

Enriched with Pearly Pigments and the powerful Color Guard, it works deeply to neutralize unwanted yellow tones, revealing a pure, fresh, and vibrant blonde shade. Its special formula provides intense hydration and targeted nourishment, leaving hair incredibly soft, silky, and luminous.

Regular use of the Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo ensures lasting protection against color fading, keeping your blonde radiant and full of life, wash after wash. Immerse yourself in the luxurious experience of Frozen Blonde and let your blonde shine in its purest and most radiant light.




Discover the transformative power of the Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner, an intensive treatment that promises to revolutionize the care of blonde, white, and grey hair. This deep conditioner doesn't just condition; it penetrates the depths of the hair fiber to restore, nourish, and illuminate every strand.

Formulated with a rich blend of Pearly Pigments and reinforced with Color Guard, the Deep Conditioner works to enhance the hair's shine and softness while simultaneously eliminating unwanted yellow reflections. Its exclusive formula ensures a deep conditioning action, leaving hair irresistibly soft, silky, and manageable.

Regular use visibly transforms hair texture, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance that shines with its own light. The Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner is the secret to perfect blonde, a treatment that goes beyond the surface to enhance your hair's intrinsic beauty. Take the first step towards an extraordinarily luminous and vibrant mane.




Liquid Pigment .21 Violet Ash is ideal for neutralizing yellow tones, reviving white or gray hair, and correcting color variations during straightening treatments. Formulated with high-quality ingredients like panthenol and keratin, it nourishes, hydrates, and protects hair. Perfect for maintaining a cool, natural color, it can be mixed with shampoo and masks to create an effective neutralizer that’s easy to apply. This product provides a simple solution for eliminating unwanted warm reflections.




Discover Diamonds Bright Blond Leave-In Treatment, the final touch that completes and maximizes the effectiveness of the entire Frozen Blonde range. Enriched with Pearly Pigments and Color Guard, this leave-in treatment offers a quick and effective solution against unwanted yellow tones, ideal for those always on the move. Diamonds not only protects and nourishes but ensures your blonde remains vibrant and radiant, making it perfect for quick applications in a busy life or while traveling. Embrace the beauty of your blonde, anywhere and anytime, with Diamonds, the essence of convenience that enhances the luminosity and health of your hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo be used for toning?

Yes, it certainly can. Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo can be used as a toner to remove unwanted yellow hues and so create a more neutral base on which to apply the chosen colour.

When can I use Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo?

We recommend using Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo every three washes. You might however need to use it more or less frequently. It all depends on the hair type, the frequency with which other shampoos are used and the intensity of the blonde colour.

How long can I leave the shampoo on for?

The recommended maximum time is 5 minutes, but this is to be assessed based on the hair structure. Checking the hair visually is always recommended to assess the final result as effectively as possible.

Can Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo be used on extensions?

Yes, it can. Just add a little shampoo to some warm water and stir until the water turns purple. Then, begin immersing the hair extensions into the water and extracting them until the desired results are achieved.

Is Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo suitable for light brown hair?

Absolute Shine Blonde Shampoo can only be used on light brown hair if it has balayage or blonde highlights.

What can be done to make the home treatments last longer?

We recommend using the Home Care routine products of the Frozen Blonde line: Absolute Shine Shampoo, Absolute Shine Deep Conditioner and Diamonds are all paraben, SLS and SLES-free. Moreover, they are salt free to extend and preserve the results of the treatments obtained in the salon.

Why does Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner not contain blue/ purple pigments?

Absolute Shine Blonde Deep Conditioner is a nourishing and conditioning treatment that restores softness and enhances the radiance of blonde, white and grey hair. Particularly suitable for nourishing the hair after bleaching.

When can I use Diamonds?

Diamonds can be used after every wash, before styling, to add shine and remove yellow hues. Or it can be used to nourish dry hair, every day, bringing out its radiance and shine and creating an exceptional blonde look.

Can Diamonds weigh the hair down?

No, not if it is used properly.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Send us an email to