ECOVEXX for Revitalizing Treatment Application Guide

Materials Needed:

  • Ecovexx Xsence N°1
  • Ecovexx Xsaver N°2
  • Measuring cup
  • Timer
  • Hair clips for sectioning
  • Flexion (L) brush
  • Hairdryer or steamer (optional for heat application)
  • Shampoo and conditioner


  • Measure out 10 ml of Xsence N°1 and 15 ml of Xsaver N°2 using the provided measuring cup.
  • Mix the Xsence N°1 and Xsaver N°2 in a bowl until well combined.


  • Start by shampooing the hair and towel-drying to remove excess moisture.
  • Apply the Xsence N°1 and Xsaver N°2 mixture to the hair, from roots to ends.
  • Use sectioning clips to divide the hair and ensure the mixture is evenly distributed.
  • If available, apply gentle heat using a hairdryer or place under a steamer for 15 minutes to enhance penetration.


  • After the processing time, rinse the hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Apply a nourishing conditioner or mask, leave for a few minutes, then rinse again.
  • Gently towel-dry the hair and detangle with the Flexion (L) brush.

Post-Treatment Advice:

  • Advise the client to avoid heat styling immediately after the treatment to prevent stress on the hair.
  • Recommend using the Code Zero Focus range for home maintenance to prolong the treatment effects.