Add vibrancy to natural or coloured hair, enhance the existing tones in a natural or grey hair, colour pre-lightened strands, pre-pigment natural hair or add shine and tone to meshes or highlights, quick and easy with the new semi- permanent colour masks developed by our laboratory.


The 19 shades in the colour chart can be mixes to create countless shades, and/or blended with CLEAR in different proportions, according to the desired pastel effect.

The mask is composed of a moisturizing repair compound containing high-definition colour pigments which enhance and refresh hair colour in few minutes.


  • BLUE LOTUS: anti-age lotus flower extract, rich in anti-age vitamins, makes colour last longer. Water absorption is minimised and hair dry faster.
  • BAOBAB OIL: rich in vitamin C, antioxidant and nourishing, increases hair suppleness. It is excellent to reinforce keratin and to improve hair texture.
  • VITAMINS A AND E: minimize the effect of colour fading and keep hair bright and shiny.


After washing the hair and dabbing the excess water, apply the desired colored mask, comb and leave on for 5-15 minutes depending on the intensity of the desired reflection and the degree of porosity of the hair.

After installation, rinse thoroughly and perform the following services:

  • To color previously bleached and treated hair strands: apply the desired colored mask to clean and dry hair, leaving it on for 15-20 minutes.
  • To perform the pre-pigmentation: apply the appropriate color mask on the desired color on the lengths and ends, comb to remove excess product and proceed with the application of the desired color with or without ammonia.

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