Code Zero Finish UP Application Guide

Required Materials:

  • Finish UP medium by Code Zero
  • Finish UP intense by Code Zero
  • cliCHair's Flexion (L) brush for impeccable finishing
  • Wide-tooth comb for detangling
  • Hairdryer and diffuser (if planning to dry or style with heat)


  • Start with clean and damp hair, previously washed with a product suitable for the hair type. This ensures the hair is in the optimal condition for styling with Finish UP.
  • Use the wide-tooth comb to remove knots and prepare the hair for product application, ensuring the product is evenly distributed.


  • For Finish UP medium (Ideal for medium hold and natural looks):

    • Shake the bottle well to mix the formula.
    • Hold the can about 20-30 cm from the hair and spray evenly throughout, focusing on lengths and ends to avoid weighing down the roots.
    • Work the hair with fingers or a comb to create the desired look. For natural volume and soft looks, lift the strands while spraying.
    • Allow to air dry or proceed with cold blow-drying to set the look.
  • For Finish UP intense (For strong hold and defined styling):

    • Just like with medium, shake the can and spray the hair from a distance of 20-30 cm.
    • Focus this time on roots or sections that require more support and hold.
    • Use a hairdryer and diffuser to dry the hair, shaping as desired. This will enhance the hold and further define the styling.
    • For extremely precise finishes, style with the Flexion (L) brush after drying.


  • For both products, once the desired styling is achieved, use the Flexion (L) brush to perfect the look. The mixed bristles will help distribute natural oils, adding shine and reducing frizz.
  • If necessary, apply a light additional layer of Finish UP medium or intense to further secure the styling.

Post-Treatment Tips:

  • To maintain the styling result, avoid moisture and water for 24 hours after application.
  • Use the Flexion (L) brush in the following days for gentle and effective styling maintenance, helping to keep hair smooth and frizz-free.