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Xflex Lozione Ghiaccio

Xflex Lozione Ghiaccio

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XFLEX Lozione Ghiaccio Hair Tonic - Your Perfect Summer Hair Essential

Discover the cool embrace of XFLEX Lozione Ghiaccio - a refreshing and revitalizing hair tonic tailored to beat the heat. From the trusted house of the Italian brand Xflex, under the prestigious banner of Edelstein, this potion ensures your scalp stays refreshed all day.

Key Features:

  1. Instant Cooling: Experience a cooling sensation on your scalp, making it a go-to for those sweltering summer days.
  2. Menthol Magic: Formulated with natural components like pure menthol, it offers a unique chill that invigorates the scalp.
  3. Soothes the Scalp: Alleviates skin rashes and irritations ensuring a comfortable, itch-free experience.
  4. Natural Shine: Offers a natural shine, giving your hair that radiant, healthy look.
  5. Eucalyptus Euphoria: The unmistakable fresh aroma with hints of eucalyptus uplifts your mood and keeps you energized.

How to Use: After washing your hair, evenly apply the tonic to your scalp and hair. Comb through for even distribution.

Content: 250ml

Why Choose XFLEX Lozione Ghiaccio? Perfectly designed for the warmer days of the year, the XFLEX Lozione Ghiaccio Hair Tonic is your secret weapon to keep the heat at bay. Experience refreshed, revitalized, and tangle-free hair even during the hottest days. Bask in the combined goodness of pure menthol and eucalyptus notes, brought to you straight from Italy.


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