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Smoothing Conditioner ultra

Smoothing Conditioner ultra

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Our Smoothing Conditioner is a product specifically formulated to treat frizzy and unruly hair, providing a smooth and frizz-free finish. This nourishing conditioner is enriched with moisturizing and smoothing ingredients that work together to soften and tame rebellious hair.

To achieve the best results, follow these simple steps to apply our Smoothing Conditioner:

1. After shampooing, gently remove excess water from your hair with a towel.

2. Take an appropriate amount of conditioner and evenly distribute it onto the lengths and ends of your hair. Be sure to avoid contact with the scalp.

3. Massage the conditioner gently into the hair strands, working from the bottom upwards. Focus on problem areas such as dry or damaged ends.

4. Leave the product on for a few minutes to allow the ingredients to effectively penetrate the hair fibers.

5. Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water, ensuring that all the conditioner is completely washed out.

6. Proceed with your regular styling routine or allow your hair to air dry.

Use our Smoothing Conditioner regularly to maintain smooth, disciplined, and frizz-free hair. Feel free to apply it for personal use or for your clients, ensuring impeccable results and incredibly beautiful hair.

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