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Perm Up 1 (medium)

Perm Up 1 (medium)

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EDELSTEIN Perm Up 1 (Medium) is a hair perm product that allows you to achieve soft and shiny hairstyles with waves and curls. Its formula enriched with rice proteins makes the perm process easy and effective. Whether you desire slightly curly hair or defined waves, Perm Up 1 (Medium) provides the perfect solution to achieve your desired results.

Usage: Follow the instructions carefully for the application of Perm Up 1 (Medium). First, position the hair according to the desired result and make a clean separation. Wrap the hair around the chosen curlers and apply the Perm Up 1 (Medium) product. Leave it on for the recommended time and then rinse thoroughly. Next, apply the fixative/neutralizer as instructed. Finally, unroll the curlers and proceed with styling as desired.

Tips: To achieve the best results, perform a preliminary test on a strand of hair to assess the reaction to the product. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the fixative/neutralizer (NEUTRAL UP) in combination with Perm Up 1 (Medium) for long-lasting results and healthy hair. Remember to regularly moisturize and care for your hair to keep it in optimal condition.

Conclusion: EDELSTEIN Perm Up 1 (Medium) is the perfect solution for achieving soft and shiny hairstyles with waves and curls. With its formula enriched with rice proteins, the perm process becomes easy and effective. Choose Perm Up 1 (Medium) for long-lasting results and a well-groomed appearance.

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