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NIKA Protection Cape

NIKA Protection Cape

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Protect your customers' clothing and maintain a professional appearance at home or in the salon with our Protective Cape. The smooth black cape is designed to cover customers comfortably, allowing hair to slide easily. It features a shiny fabric and a central Nika Hair logo.

Usage: Wrap the Protective Cape around the customer's neck, ensuring it covers the front and back adequately. Secure it firmly using the adjustable closure system to provide optimal protection during hair treatments.


  • Ensure the cape is properly positioned to prevent hair from falling onto the customer's clothes.
  • After use, clean the cape carefully and store it in a dry and clean place to keep it in excellent condition.

Conclusion: Our Protective Cape is an essential accessory for every hair care professional. Not only does it protect your customers' clothing, but it also adds a professional touch with its sleek design and Nika Hair logo. Ensure a comfortable and hassle-free treatment experience for your customers while maintaining a polished presentation. Choose our Protective Cape to demonstrate your commitment to quality and professionalism.

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