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Sebo-Balancing Treatment

Sebo-Balancing Treatment


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"Nika Total Balance Treatment" is an innovative solution for those dealing with oily hair and/or dandruff. This advanced treatment, enriched with probiotics and prebiotics, is formulated to normalize sebum production and effectively combat dandruff. Its balanced formula improves scalp health, making it ideal for both oily hair and dandruff issues.

Key Features:

  • Proven Effectiveness: Balances oily hair and reduces dandruff.
  • Ease of Use: Simple application, suitable for regular use.
  • Unique Formula: Contains probiotics and prebiotics to improve scalp health.

Ideal for both oily scalp and dandruff sufferers. Offers perfect balance, contributing to a healthier scalp.

Usage Instructions:
Apply to damp scalp, massage, leave on, and rinse off. Use 1-2 times a week to effectively combat both dandruff and excess sebum.

Expected Results:
A balanced scalp, free from excess sebum and dandruff, for healthier, more vital hair.

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