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Natural Hair Spray

Natural Hair Spray


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Achieve flawless, neat, and natural styling with Nika Natural Hair Spray. This hair spray provides a light hold, ensuring a tidy and defined look while maintaining softness and a natural feel. It adds shine without weighing down the hair and leaves no sticky residue. It can be easily removed by brushing through the hair.

Instructions: Spray Nika Natural Hair Spray from a distance of 25-30 cm onto dry or slightly damp hair. Comb or style your hair as desired. For added volume, apply the spray to the roots of slightly damp hair before styling. If you want more hold, spray the hair spray on dry hair before using a flat iron or curling iron.

Tips: Use Nika Natural Hair Spray to keep your styling neat and lightweight without weighing down your hair. For a volumizing effect, apply to the roots of slightly damp hair and comb through for added volume. Easily remove the spray by simply brushing through your hair. Experiment and create your desired look with Nika Natural Hair Spray.

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