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Liquid pigment 13 Walnut Ash Gold

Liquid pigment 13 Walnut Ash Gold

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The Nika Liquid Pigment .13 Walnut Ash Gold is an innovative hair product that delivers extraordinary results. This liquid pigment is specifically formulated for light brown or natural hair that needs a refresh and a touch of vitality. With its walnut and ash gold tones, it adds depth to the base color and imparts delicate amber highlights for a captivating look.

1. Ensure that your hair is washed and towel-dried.
2. Prepare the mixture by adding a few drops of Nika Liquid Pigment .13 Walnut Ash Gold to an adequate amount of product (such as conditioner, hair mask, or hair dye) or water, depending on the desired effect.
3. Mix the products thoroughly until you achieve a homogeneous consistency.
4. Apply the mixture to your hair, distributing it evenly throughout the entire hair. You can use a comb, your fingers, or your hands to ensure even color distribution.
5. Leave it on for the recommended time indicated on the product packaging or mixture.
6. Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
7. Proceed with your usual styling routine or allow your hair to air dry.

- For a more intense and long-lasting color, leave the Nika Liquid Pigment .13 Walnut Ash Gold on for a slightly longer period.
- You can experiment by mixing the liquid pigment with other Nika products to create custom shades.
- After applying the liquid pigment, use specific hair care products for colored hair to ensure optimal protection and care.

With the Nika Liquid Pigment .13 Walnut Ash Gold, you can transform your light brown or natural hair into a captivating style with added depth and amber highlights. Incorporate this liquid pigment into your beauty routine for a touch of freshness and vitality that won't go unnoticed.

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