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Flexion (L) 12+3 Pack

Flexion (L) 12+3 Pack


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Elevate the standard of your salon with the Flexion (L) 12+3 Pack by cliCHair Originals, a strategic choice for professionals aiming for excellence. Equipped with premium boar bristles, this brush not only ensures superior detangling but also deeply revitalizes the hair, leaving it strong and shiny. Ideal for intensive professional use and, thanks to its premium packaging, it also stands as a luxury item for resale. This pack represents an investment in quality and effectiveness, offering you the opportunity to receive 3 Flexion (L) brushes as a bonus. The purchase becomes even more advantageous for Business Code holders, who will enjoy additional benefits, maximizing profits and elevating the treatments offered to your clients.

Focus: In anticipation of every big appointment, when every detail counts. In crucial moments, whether before a photo shoot or a demanding day, the Flexion (L) becomes essential for eliminating knots and preventing hair breakage, ensuring a perfect mane. Rely on the Flexion (L) for tangible results: smooth, strong, and shiny hair, ready to stand out. Offer it to your clients as a distinctive element of your service, to elevate the standard offered and, with the Business Code, make the purchase and resale even more beneficial.

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  • 12 Flexion (L) (Purchased)
  • 3 Flexion (L) (Free)

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