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Finish Up Medium

Finish Up Medium


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Hair spray. Balanced formula suitable for every hair type and styling need. Sculpt, add volume, and fix your hair in a natural and soft way. It dries quickly and allows for easy brushing.

Usage: Shake well, then spray the product about 20-30 cm away from your hair. Apply to desired sections for the desired look. For stronger hold, repeat application.

Tips: Use on clean, dry hair for optimal results. For extra volume, apply to the roots while lifting the hair with your fingers as you spray. For long-lasting styling, finish with a final spritz of Finish Up Medium.

Conclusion: Our Finish Up Medium is the perfect companion for hair styling. It provides a light and natural hold, allowing you to sculpt and add volume to your hair without weighing it down. With its quick drying and easy brushing, it's ideal for creating versatile and long-lasting looks. Choose our Finish Up Medium for flawless hair and an impeccable look.

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