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EDU Trainer Kit

EDU Trainer Kit

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CLICKET - Black (Size)

The EDU Trainer Kit from cliCHair has been meticulously assembled to provide our official Trainers with all the necessary tools to conduct exceptional training sessions. This exclusive kit, available only to official cliCHair Trainers, includes our versatile SwapBanner Edu, stylish CLICAPES in both black and white, and the innovative black CLICKET. Each product has been selected to ensure that every training session is a memorable and professional experience. The included items not only enhance the learning environment but also reflect the high quality and standard of excellence of cliCHair.

Products Included in the Kit:

  1. SwapBanner Edu:
  • Description: A robust promotional tool with an aluminum alloy frame and satin fabric, the SwapBanner Edu is essential for attracting attention and creating a professional atmosphere during training sessions.
  • How to Use: Assemble the frame and position the SwapBanner in a strategic location to maximize visibility.
  1. CLICAPE - Black and CLICAPE - White:
  • Description: Made with high-quality fabrics, the black and white CLICAPES ensure comfort and style during training sessions. The elegant design and practical features such as breathability and water resistance make them ideal for extended use.
  • How to Use: Provide the CLICAPES to participants at the beginning of the session to ensure a comfortable and professional experience. The CLICAPES will be worn by models during the training.
  1. CLICKET - Black:
  • Description: This high-quality uniform is designed to offer both comfort and style. The black CLICKET is a symbol of professionalism and dedication, and will be a valuable asset for any official cliCHair Trainer.
  • How to Use: Wear the CLICKET during training sessions to present yourself at your best and offer a professional and authoritative figure.

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